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Keyboard Controls:

Arrows/WASD: Move character
UHJK: Shot in different directions

- Select a tile in the left panel with left click, or press right click and drag to copy a rectangle of tiles, like a tree from Tileset B for example.
- Select tileset group by pressing Letter in the bottom A, B, C, D, E
- Press Ctrl for special action:
* Ctrl Z: undo action
* Ctrl Y: redo action
* Hold Ctrl + Left Click: paint tile in overlay layer( over ground tiles)
* Hold Ctrl + Right Drag: copy only overlay tiles
* Hold Ctrl + Left Click in tileset change tile collision to:
- Block( ■ ) no passable
- Wall( □ ) no passable only borders
- Fence ( # ) special for fences
- Overlay ( ★ ) painted over player and other tiles
- Use mouse scroll for Zoom in/out
- Hold down mouse wheel (or middle mouse button) and drag for moving over the map.
- Press M to open minimap. Click in the minimap to go to clicked location

RPG Map Editor in an autotile map editor for RPG games or anything you want to create in the Editor or while playing your game. With collisions and minimap integrated and everything you need to create a complex and wonderful RPG world easy and quickly with no complicated tools or options.

- Macks, for his awesome tileset
- Tekepon, for the player character sheet



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This is a really cool idea. but those sprites look a lot like rpgmaker's, aren't you worried about getting in trouble?

Hi there! All the sprites were taken from free resource libraries. They may look similar, but they were not taken from RPG Maker resources.

You can find all the resources I've used here:

oh that's good. The program has a lot of potential, do you plan on expanding it?

Yes, I have plans to keep it updated with new content.